Uploading Videos with Captions April 10, 2017

After we deliver your final video, uploading it to your website or social media sites will be your responsibility. The most common type of caption file is called a .SRT file, which Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube all accept. Instructions may vary slightly, but for our purposes, we’ll look at uploading .SRT files to these three websites.

Log-in to your company page.
In the Write Something field, select the camera icon to the lower left.
From the Basic tab, select your video to upload….

Audio Description April 3, 2017

At Pyramide Productions, we know the ins and outs of 508-compliance and look forward to helping you make your next video more accessible!

Audio description is an additional narration track that is added to a video primarily to serve the blind and visually impaired. It provides information about actions, scene changes, text-on-screen, and other visual content. Audio description is usually inserted into pauses in dialogue, and helps a person follow the content with comprehension to stay connected to your video more easily.

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