All About Voice-over June 25, 2017

If your video has a voice-over component, we strongly recommend going with a professional VO artist. While you might think it’d be more economical to hire an amateur or just record yourself, the quality won’t come close to that of a professional. A professional is also trained to work and take direction quickly, and can offer a variety of voices to give you options.
At Pyramide Productions, we partner with the top agencies and VO talent in the area to ensure that your video has the professional quality you’re looking for….

Ins & Outs of Music Selection June 12, 2017

Music doesn’t matter much. After all, it’s not the focus of the video and just plays in the background, right? Wrong!
The audio you select will inevitably have a huge impact in the overall vibe of your video. It needs to reflect your brand and product. It needs to compliment the other videos in your portfolio and bring cohesion to a campaign.
So, how do you pick your music?
Music should be selected early in a project, not at the end….

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