Production Spotlight: Virginia Lynn & James Semivan + Expedia July 13, 2017

We love working with Expedia. In the past, worked with them to create a number of animation videos focused on tool use and client education.  This year, they sent us on national and international adventures to produce videos that highlight their people, properties, and products.
For these shoots, we’ve focused on creating two kinds of videos. In both cases, we’re all about finding and telling compelling stories, but the approach is different depending on the client’s goals. The first kind of video is a case study or customer testimonial that features one or two subjects,…

Microsoft Inspire July 12, 2017

We’re excited to share that two videos we recently created for Microsoft Inspire were just published on Microsoft’s Inspiring Partners page. Congrats to Aaron Bollinger who produced both videos and everyone who had a hand in these projects!
The first video centers on how a visionary tech company (masking as an international pizza franchise called Dodo Pizza!) is transforming technology in their industry:

The second follows Track’em, an asset management company, from their early struggles to becoming a leading innovator in the field:


Production Spotlight: Aaron Bollinger & Tanem Davidson + 2016 Telly Award July 5, 2017

We’re excited to announce that a video we completed recently won a Telly Award! To celebrate, we’ll dive a little deeper into the project with Pyramide Producer, Aaron Bollinger and Art Director, Tanem Davidson.
The Telly Awards were founded in the 1970s to honor “the best in TV and Cable, Digital and Streaming, and Non-Broadcast Productions.” Every year, they receive 13,000+ submissions from all over the country and world.
Our winning video was completed for Microsoft’s World Wide Public Sector (WWPC) Team….

All About Voice-over June 25, 2017

If your video has a voice-over component, we strongly recommend going with a professional VO artist. While you might think it’d be more economical to hire an amateur or just record yourself, the quality won’t come close to that of a professional. A professional is also trained to work and take direction quickly, and can offer a variety of voices to give you options.
At Pyramide Productions, we partner with the top agencies and VO talent in the area to ensure that your video has the professional quality you’re looking for….

Ins & Outs of Music Selection June 12, 2017

Music doesn’t matter much. After all, it’s not the focus of the video and just plays in the background, right? Wrong!
The audio you select will inevitably have a huge impact in the overall vibe of your video. It needs to reflect your brand and product. It needs to compliment the other videos in your portfolio and bring cohesion to a campaign.
So, how do you pick your music?
Music should be selected early in a project, not at the end….

Our Cameras May 18, 2017

Pyramide Productions utilizes the highly adaptive, professional series Sony FS7 for all your video needs. These cameras give us the ability to shoot in high resolution (4K) and provide excellent color and dynamic range, while working well in diverse light levels. And our staff love their versatility. “It can be on a tripod one moment and up on my shoulder the next,” notes Karl Allsop, a DP at Pyramide.
So, why shoot in 4K? Even if the end product will be compressed (like for use in social media),…

Captions & Subtitles May 5, 2017

Here at Pyramide Productions, we pride ourselves in being your source for accessible video in the greater Seattle area. We know the ins and outs of 508-compliance, and are excited to help you make the right choices for your next project! Plus, with 85% of online viewers watching videos with the sound off, they’re a great way to make sure you’re still getting your message across. Here’s a quick primer on captions and subtitles to make sure we’re all speaking the same language….

Uploading Videos with Captions April 10, 2017

After we deliver your final video, uploading it to your website or social media sites will be your responsibility. The most common type of caption file is called a .SRT file, which Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube all accept. Instructions may vary slightly, but for our purposes, we’ll look at uploading .SRT files to these three websites.

Log-in to your company page.
In the Write Something field, select the camera icon to the lower left.
From the Basic tab, select your video to upload….

Audio Description April 3, 2017

At Pyramide Productions, we know the ins and outs of 508-compliance and look forward to helping you make your next video more accessible!

Audio description is an additional narration track that is added to a video primarily to serve the blind and visually impaired. It provides information about actions, scene changes, text-on-screen, and other visual content. Audio description is usually inserted into pauses in dialogue, and helps a person follow the content with comprehension to stay connected to your video more easily.

Work at Pyramide | Internship Program March 9, 2017

Looking to get some hands-on, project-based experience in video production?
Pyramide Productions offers an unpaid internship as a learning opportunity to college seniors and recent graduates. Our internships generally last one quarter (three months). At the end of the quarter you may be offered a second quarter, which you can accept or decline. In some cases, the internship can also qualify towards your major requirements.
Our office is open Monday through Friday (8am-6pm). Interns are asked to work two days during the week and for six to eight hour shifts….

Our Values March 1, 2017

Deliver WOW Through Service
Embrace and Drive Change
Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded
Pursue Growth and Learning
Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication
Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
Do More with Less
Be Passionate and Determined
Be Humble…

Our Vision February 25, 2017

At Pyramide Productions, we’re passionate about people.
We care about our clients, our work, and one another.
We believe that staff should enjoy coming to the office and feel proud of and fulfilled by what we do.
We believe that people should be able to go home to their partners, pets, families, hobbies, and lives at the end of the day and leave work at work.
We believe in supporting our team and their creative pursuits both in and outside the workplace….

SAP Code: How To January 2, 2017

We require that our Microsoft clients give us an IO code and a GL (General Ledger) number so that we can set-up their project with Microsoft Productions Studios for cross charging.  Once we receive it, we next submit the numbers and project paperwork directly to Microsoft Production Studios.  In response, MPS will open a PO for the project amount with Pyramide for cross charge when milestones are complete.  Teams also have the option to open a PO directly with Pyramide.
To find your GL code Please visit the Hierarchy page and look at the chart of accounts on the lower right side….

Production Spotlight: Tanem Davidson + The Microsoft Brand via WPC April 6, 2016

This month, Pyramide would like to focus it’s attention on another one of our amazing Animators, Tanem Davidson.
While all of our animation videos are a collaborative effort, often engaging everyone on our team, Tanem played an especially integral role in our most recent video for Microsoft’s World Wide Public Sector (WWPC) Team.
The WWPC Team had been fielding a lot of feedback from Partners who’d attended the WPC event in the past. They were saying things like, “The conference is huge!  …

Production Spotlight: Kyle Bishop + The Microsoft Brand March 9, 2016

This year, Pyramide Productions is a finalist in two video categories at StudiosFest 2016. StudiosFest is a film festival and awards ceremony that recognizes FTEs and Vendors who created Microsoft videos in the previous year.
One of the videos, an animation done for Microsoft Partner Network’s Action Pack program, was created by our very own Kyle Bishop. Check it out!
Kyle’s been on the team for nearly a year and he’s already managed to take Pyramide’s level of animation quality to new heights….

Confessions of an Office Manager: Three Reasons You DON’T want to use Pyramide Productions July 16, 2015

I know, it seems at odds for an office manager to disclose such information, but I believe our clients should be prepared for the level of customer service we provide. I mean, is there such a thing as too much customer service?

It’s a valid question, and I have three great reasons Pyramide Productions might not be the company for you.

Does the Mystery of ‘How It’s Made” Thrill You? Spoiler alert! Pyramide Productions keeps you in the know…

Behind the oooo’s and ahhh’s of any video or film,…

Aiga: Samoan for Family April 8, 2015

Recently I had the opportunity to travel internationally for several shoots and one of the places that I was fortunate enough to visit was Samoa. It’s easily the most beautiful place I’ve been. Think Hawaii on steroids, with even more smiles, greetings, gardens and coastlines. While I’ve always been a fan of international travel and have lived abroad for several years, it always amazes me how similar we all are. We all smile in the same and in Samoa, it’s common to be greeted by nearly every stranger you pass….

Global Awareness with Video March 30, 2015

Having been in Ecuador Since November 2014, I’ve had a chance to compare the TV shows and spots in Ecuador with those in the U.S.
It amazes me that the US is about 20 years ahead in terms of both quality and breadth of video. I used to think that I would like to open a production house here in Ecuador, but I have other responsibilities and no time! One area of opportunity that I see here is outsourcing graphics and design to Ecuador….

Welcome to our new blog September 20, 2014

This is the launch of our new blog. Future blog posts will include company updates, client education resources, project releases, and the video production news. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!…

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