Video “Shoot Day” is Here! How to Maximize Your Big Day April 25, 2018

“Shoot Day” is just what it sounds like – the day when the cameras, crew, actors and everyone else involved shows up to actually film your video. While your video team strive for a seamless experience on-set, that is because they are professionals who do this every day and can make it look easy.

You, as a client however, may or may not have ever done this before, and might not be aware that you can play a role in making your Shoot Day incredibly productive – or not.

The Most Important Team on Your Video Project is YOUR Team April 19, 2018

In the agency world, it is sometimes tempting to believe that if our clients left us alone to give them our best work, we could deliver big results, have more fun, win awards and become the envy of our competitors. It is not unusual for a group of creative people to believe that everything is better when they are unleashed to let their creative energy change the world according to their imaginations.

How to Get the BEST from Your Video Agency April 05, 2018

Hire a Partner, Not a Vendor

If you’re a Marketing Manager, Marketing VP or in a similar role, it is likely you have experience working with all kinds of service providers. Depending on your work style, budget, and personal preferences, you might have worked with each provider to create every individual piece of your offering. Or you might have worked with a full-service agency that took the lead and coordinated the creation and integration of all the pieces for you.

More than your work style, the label you give service providers is an indicator of how successful you are. Is your service provider:

Production Spotlight: Building a 3D World February 28, 2018

Last fall, we were approached by an international tech company developing a delivery system for using blockchains in transactions. They wanted to create an animated marketing video centering around a shifting wave of code that transforms into a solid cityscape. The client was feeling a dystopian aesthetic and looking to keep color minimal, while also finding inspiration in the neon world of Tron. There weren't a lot of branding guidelines, so Art Director, Tanem Davidson, and Producer, Aaron Bollinger, took a dive deep into the creative.

Just a taste February 09, 2018

Something pretty special about our internship program is that we provide hands-on editing experience under the guidance of our team of editors and producers.

One of our current interns Chilli Sereethoranakul recently teamed up with Pyramide Producer, Sameen Davidson, to create sizzle reels for two of the types of video we offer: animation and demo/screen capture. Here are her videos:

Social Redux February 02, 2018

One of the great things about our internship program is that we provide hands-on editing experience under the guidance of our team of editors and artists.

Women at Pyramide January 12, 2018

Pyramide is a women-owned company and that's a pretty unique find in our overlapping worlds of tech and video. Hear more from our staff:

Meet Our Sales Team January 11, 2018

Learn more about the first Pyramide Productions team members you connect with when planning your video.

Meet Our Producers January 10, 2018

Producing is a jack of all trades kind of gig.  Part director, part content strategist, a BIG part project manager, and everything else in between.  Meet two of our Producers:

Meet Our Artists January 09, 2018

Learn more about the friendly faces behind your video.  Meet some of our artists, DPs, and editors:

Pyramide 2018 January 08, 2018

Happy New Year!  To kick off 2018, here's the first in a series of socials we've created to introduce you to our team.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year December 15, 2017

Around Thanksgiving, we received a last-minute request for a conference in early December. Most videos have a 4-8 week production timeline. This one would need to be delivered in a week and we jumped at the opportunity to make it all happen for a favorite client.

Our Managing Director, Jennifer O'Brien, would be the first to tell you that anything is possible in production. But something's got to give! A quick turnaround translates to fewer revisions cycles and less time for clients to gather feedback internally. Plus, having staff and contractors running on all cylinders can mean additional charges for rush services. In the end, our client loved the video (below) and we were happy with our work.

Still, think of the possibilities! What else could we have done with a month or more to brainstorm, collaborate, and finesse? If you need video for an upcoming event, reach out now! The sooner we know, the better!

Baby, it's cold outside! December 01, 2017

In celebration of the season, one of our favorite clients wanted to give employees a chance to share their workplace holiday stories.  The client wanted each video to be short enough to hold a viewer's attention on social media. They were also looking to incorporate some cheerful music and a touch of b-roll.  Check out one of the completed videos here:

Production Spotlight: Banking on Animation November 01, 2017

Pyramide Productions Producer, Mindie Lind, recently paired up with Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) to create an animated video for their Community Banking Month Conference.

Behind the Lens September 07, 2017

The goal our company video was to showcase the gear that makes our work possible and to really highlight the technology by incorporating some fun graphics components. 

Congrats to James, Tanem, Tommy, and Sameen for making it happen!

We hope you enjoy this little taste of all that Pyramide Productions has to offer:

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery August 25, 2017

Silicon Valley is pretty popular around our office. I binge watched Season 1 last weekend and Season 2 this week. Zero regrets.

The show is chock full of inside jokes for those of us working in tech, at start-ups, or with the big players in the field. And, in a few special episodes, you'll see corporate video represented. It's shamefully fun for us, but also a very real reminder: most people have no idea what we do. Many think making a corporate video consists of stringing together industry jargon, throwing in some stock footage, adding a logo, and walking away.

Video with Vision August 03, 2017

Whether your company is re-branding, thinking about shifting gears, or looking for a new way to publicize, you need video.

Creating a company video is a great way to announce changes to clients and introduce yourself to new prospects. It also gives you a chance to clarify your vision and rally your team, getting everyone excited and on the same page. From script writing and pre-production, to shooting and post, we can help you find your message and communicate it through video.

Production Spotlight: Around the World with Microsoft July 17, 2017

Pyramide Productions Producer, Aaron Bollinger, and DP, James Semivan, recently returned from a whirlwind trip to England and Russia for two projects with Microsoft. We’re passionate about getting just the right shot for our clients and that isn’t always easy. “We’re a Swiss army knife,” James noted, and he’s right. Whether it’s figuring out new travel plans at the eleventh hour, or finding creative ways to communicate when faced with a language barrier, we have the skills and drive needed to get our clients the best content for their story.

Production Spotlight: Flying Far with Expedia July 12, 2017

We love working with Expedia. In the past, worked with them to create a number of animation videos focused on tool use and client education.  This year, they sent us on national and international adventures to produce videos that highlight their people, properties, and products.

Microsoft Inspire July 12, 2017

We're excited to share that two videos we recently created for Microsoft Inspire were just published on Microsoft's Inspiring Partners page. Congrats to Aaron Bollinger who produced both videos and everyone who had a hand in these projects!

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