The Teleprompter - Friend or Foe? May 09, 2018

In recent years, the ubiquitous teleprompter has often been in the news during political campaigns as it has somehow gotten caught up in a modern definition of machismo that demands the teleprompting politician be belittled by their hopeful challenger.

As we have seen when that challenger succeeds in displacing their rival, however, the teleprompter somehow remains on the scene as a trusted tool.

Video “Shoot Day” is Here! How to Maximize Your Big Day April 25, 2018

“Shoot Day” is just what it sounds like – the day when the cameras, crew, actors and everyone else involved shows up to actually film your video. While your video team strive for a seamless experience on-set, that is because they are professionals who do this every day and can make it look easy.

You, as a client however, may or may not have ever done this before, and might not be aware that you can play a role in making your Shoot Day incredibly productive – or not.

How to Get the BEST from Your Video Agency April 05, 2018

Hire a Partner, Not a Vendor

If you’re a Marketing Manager, Marketing VP or in a similar role, it is likely you have experience working with all kinds of service providers. Depending on your work style, budget, and personal preferences, you might have worked with each provider to create every individual piece of your offering. Or you might have worked with a full-service agency that took the lead and coordinated the creation and integration of all the pieces for you.

More than your work style, the label you give service providers is an indicator of how successful you are. Is your service provider:

Confessions of an Office Manager: Three Reasons You DON’T want to use Pyramide Productions July 16, 2015

I know, it seems at odds for an office manager to disclose such information, but I believe our clients should be prepared for the level of customer service we provide. I mean, is there such a thing as too much customer service?

Aiga: Samoan for Family April 08, 2015

Recently I had the opportunity to travel internationally for several shoots and one of the places that I was fortunate enough to visit was Samoa. It’s easily the most beautiful place I’ve been. Think Hawaii on steroids, with even more smiles, greetings, gardens and coastlines. While I’ve always been a fan of international travel and have lived abroad for several years, it always amazes me how similar we all are. We all smile in the same and in Samoa, it’s common to be greeted by nearly every stranger you pass. Even young children from small villages will run alongside your car smiling and waving with excitement that the community has a new visitor. What a feeling that gives a person.

Global Awareness with Video March 30, 2015

Having been in Ecuador Since November 2014, I’ve had a chance to compare the TV shows and spots in Ecuador with those in the U.S.

How to Have Client Conversations in Your Sleep February 19, 2015

The Missing Piece in Your Content Portfolio?

Through our websites, the digital age now let’s our prospects and customers engage with us 24 hours a day. We can provide all kinds of resources like white papers, manuals, directions, product catalogs, and almost any other type of content – but how do you help your prospects and clients get the full experience of your Brand culture without a personal meeting or phone call? Different people respond differently to the same channels, and the written version of your Brand online doesn’t always convey the right message or deliver it in a way that is clear to everyone.


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