Zensa February 13, 2017

With 20% of the global population (>1 billion people) and 19.4% of the US population (>50 million people) living with some form of disability, it’s crucial that companies work to make their websites, devices, apps and videos available to a larger audience.

Pyramide Productions is delighted to announce a budding partnership with Zensa, an accessibility partner at Microsoft. Zensa provides engineering and consulting services with a focus on “excellence in digital accessibility,” and Pyramide Productions is eager to join in their work as the premiere production house for accessible video in the Seattle area. What’s more, Zensa is a minority- and women-owned company, as is Pyramide. There were just too many overlaps to ignore! We’re teaming up to create innovative, accessible web content while delivering more value to our clients.

Statistics: www.zensa.co

–S.R. Davidson, Pyramide Staff Writer


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