How to Win Bigger Business with Marketing Automation


A popular blog post outlined the five key strategies for maximizing your company's customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Identifying a solid objective for using a CRM solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365

3 Tips to Maximize the Value of a Video Budget

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In many cases, the desire to make a video is a shortsighted goal. There is a LOT of potential content that could be produced from a single video shoot. A small garden full of vegetables should get you more than one

Writing a Script – It May Not Be Your Job Either

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The skills required for shooting and editing a professional video are generally recognized by most people as something not easily emulated without training, experience and professional equipment. This does not mean

The Teleprompter - Friend or Foe?

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In recent years, the ubiquitous teleprompter has often been in the news during political campaigns as it has somehow gotten caught up in a modern definition of machismo that demands the teleprompting politician be

Video “Shoot Day” is Here! How to Maximize Your Big Day

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“Shoot Day” is just what it sounds like – the day when the cameras, crew, actors and everyone else involved shows up to actually film your video. While your video team strive for a seamless experience on-set, that is

The Most Important Team on Your Video Project is YOUR Team

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In the agency world, it is sometimes tempting to believe that if our clients left us alone to give them our best work, we could deliver big results, have more fun, win awards and become the envy of our competitors. It

How to Get the BEST from Your Video Agency

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Hire a Partner, Not a Vendor If you’re a Marketing Manager, Marketing VP or in a similar role, it is likely you have experience working with all kinds of service providers. Depending on your work style, budget, and

Production Spotlight: Building a 3D World

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Last fall, we were approached by an international tech company developing a delivery system for using blockchains in transactions. They wanted to create an animated marketing video centering around a shifting wave of

Just a taste

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Something pretty special about our internship program is that we provide hands-on editing experience under the guidance of our team of editors and producers. One of our current interns Chilli Sereethoranakul recently

X marks the spot

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Pyramide Production owners are obsessed with Seattle-based intimates company TomboyX. Not only do they make great intimate apparel, but they stand for something.  They are a local business with a mission to make