The Quick and Easy Holiday Video You Need

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The office holiday season is just as hectic as it is at home. In addition to year-end pressures to meet targets and develop plans for next year, there is a social aspect that grows in significance. These include

What is “B-Roll” and Where Can I Get One?

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When you work with a video agency for the first time, you might hear a lot of terms that are new to you or some that may sound familiar but don’t appear to be used the same way. One of the terms that I use that results

How to Win Bigger Business with Marketing Automation

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A popular blog post outlined the five key strategies for maximizing your company's customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Identifying a solid objective for using a CRM solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365

3 Tips to Maximize the Value of a Video Budget

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In many cases, the desire to make a video is a shortsighted goal. There is a LOT of potential content that could be produced from a single video shoot. A small garden full of vegetables should get you more than one

Writing a Script – It May Not Be Your Job Either

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The skills required for shooting and editing a professional video are generally recognized by most people as something not easily emulated without training, experience and professional equipment. This does not mean