Meet Our Sales Team

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Learn more about the first Pyramide Productions team members you connect with when planning your video.

Meet Our Producers

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Producing is a jack of all trades kind of gig.  Part director, part content strategist, a BIG part project manager, and everything else in between.  Meet two of our Producers:

Meet Our Artists

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Learn more about the friendly faces behind your video.  Meet some of our artists, DPs, and editors:

Pyramide 2018

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Happy New Year!  To kick off 2018, here's the first in a series of socials we've created to introduce you to our team.

Work at Pyramide Productions | Shooter/Editor

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Pyramide Productions is hiring!  Title:  Shooter/Editor, full-time We are a corporate video production company based in Redmond and our primary focus is on the technology industry. Projects range from interviews,