6 Essentials for Producing an Effective Marketing Video

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There are many ways to define what a great video could be. It can be defined that way in the eye of the viewer, the sales it generates, the buzz it creates, etc. But making a video can be like planning an elaborate

Developing a Video Content Plan – Preparing for Next Year

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You may already be deep into planning for next year. In fact, you may have a budget, a set of detailed objectives and some early prep work already in motion too. Whether you are that far ahead or not, one thing we see

3 Tips to Maximize the Value of a Video Budget

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In many cases, the desire to make a video is a shortsighted goal. There is a LOT of potential content that could be produced from a single video shoot. A small garden full of vegetables should get you more than one

Writing a Script – It May Not Be Your Job Either

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The skills required for shooting and editing a professional video are generally recognized by most people as something not easily emulated without training, experience and professional equipment. This does not mean

The Teleprompter - Friend or Foe?

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In recent years, the ubiquitous teleprompter has often been in the news during political campaigns as it has somehow gotten caught up in a modern definition of machismo that demands the teleprompting politician be