6 Essentials for Producing an Effective Marketing Video

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There are many ways to define what a great video could be. It can be defined that way in the eye of the viewer, the sales it generates, the buzz it creates, etc. But making a video can be like planning an elaborate

What Difference Does Video Budget Make?

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We’ve all seen all kinds of video quality out there…and if we think about videos that have resonated or impressed us, there are all kinds of levels of perceived quality that come from the way it is shot, the script,

The Quick and Easy Holiday Video You Need

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The office holiday season is just as hectic as it is at home. In addition to year-end pressures to meet targets and develop plans for next year, there is a social aspect that grows in significance. These include

What is “B-Roll” and Where Can I Get One?

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When you work with a video agency for the first time, you might hear a lot of terms that are new to you or some that may sound familiar but don’t appear to be used the same way. One of the terms that I use that results

3 Tips to Maximize the Value of a Video Budget

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In many cases, the desire to make a video is a shortsighted goal. There is a LOT of potential content that could be produced from a single video shoot. A small garden full of vegetables should get you more than one