All About Voice-over

If your video has a voice-over component, we strongly recommend going with a professional VO artist. While you might think it’d be more economical to hire an amateur or just record yourself, the quality won't come close to that of a professional. A professional is also trained to work and take direction quickly, and can offer a variety of voices to give you options.

At Pyramide Productions, we partner with the top agencies and VO talent in the area to ensure that your video has the professional quality you're looking for. We hire talent with years of experience in the industry representing all the major brands. Your Producer will work with you to find the perfect talent for your VO. The artists we work with are highly versatile, so be sure to listen to all the samples in their demo reels to get a feel their unique abilities.

After reviewing the demos we send, your team will select two VO artists (one as a back-up, should your first choice be unavailable). Your Producer will then set up a recording session. It's crucial that you attend to ensure that you're happy with the direction we're giving the artist. If  end up not liking the VO, you're essentially looking at paying all the same fees a second time to re-record your script.

At the session, time is of the essence and every minute counts! The script should be finalized prior to recording day to ensure that we're making the most of the talent's time. There is a cost associated with running over on time, and frequently the talent is unable to stay late. The VO artist will run the script multiple ways, so feel free to tell your Producer which style you like best. Remember, breaths and pauses will be edited out, so we should be focusing on overall tone and delivery.

--S.R. Davidson, Pyramide Staff Writer

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