Covid-19 Production Update | Fall 2020

It has been over six months since the Pyramide team packed up our desk trinkets, locked up our studio, and began working from home. I am happy to report that since that day, no one on our staff has contracted the virus. That said, like all of you, we have each been affected in different ways. We could not be prouder of our incredible team of filmmakers and Partners who have stood steadfast and worked diligently during these times. Without a doubt, these months have proved that quite often restrictions (in this case, not being able to shoot in person) can unlock the most creative ideas! With the help of our clients and some "out of the box" thinking, we have transported executives to virtual stages, animated new ideas in innovative ways, and provided home recording kits to participants to uphold quality and deliver clear messaging. We have continued to shoot original footage in controlled settings to accentuate stories and make the most of our customer's content, video, and brand assets. To say this experience has been a learning opportunity would be an understatement. Here is a short reel that gives you an idea of what we have been able to accomplish in the last six months.

We are fortunate to be so busy producing a wide array of diverse creative projects for our amazing Clients and Partners. We truly believe our success, in a large part, is due to Pyramide Productions' commitment to safety and being a partner to our customers. As Fall approaches, we plan to begin a slow, safe transition back to in-person recording. Erin Stewart is our Covid-19 Compliance Captain and has worked hard to collate Covid-19 protocols from the CDC, SAG-AFTRA, City of Seattle and State of Washington into our companies policies outlined below. Safety On Set

  • Masks and gloves will be required for all cast and crew members, including talent when not on-camera

  • Studio spaces will be limited to three people at any given time, reducing the total number of people on set

  • Handwashing stations and hand sanitizer will be readily available throughout the production

  • Intermittent sanitization of equipment and surfaces will be carried out by all crew members

  • Craft services will be provided in individual, prewrapped containers or packaging, and consumed under socially distanced guidelines

  • A Health and Safety Officer designated by our team will be on set at all times to ensure policies are followed

We move forward with optimism and excitement for what is to come. Thank you all for your support. When you're ready to tell some stories, give us a call. The Pyramide Team

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