Ins & Outs of Music Selection

Music doesn't matter much. After all, it's not the focus of the video and just plays in the background, right? Wrong!

The audio you select will inevitably have a huge impact in the overall vibe of your video. It needs to reflect your brand and product. It needs to compliment the other videos in your portfolio and bring cohesion to a campaign.

So, how do you pick your music?

Music should be selected early in a project, not at the end. That way our Editors have it to work with from the get-go (once video concept and creative direction is established).

Your Producer will do the legwork--narrowing down thousands of choices to 3-5 solid options for you to hear. If you already have music in mind, be thinking about your video length. In video production, we loop audio, so you want a longer track with lots of variation. If a track is too short or repetitive, it won't be pleasing to the ear.

The music that's selected also needs to be licensed for distribution. Videos get pulled off social media and host sites like YouTube all the time for infringing on licensing, so this is a critical step that we won't let you forget!

--S.R. Davidson, Pyramide Staff Writer

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