Confessions of an Office Manager: Three Reasons You DON’T want to use Pyramide Productions

I know, it seems at odds for an office manager to disclose such information, but I believe our clients should be prepared for the level of customer service we provide. I mean, is there such a thing as too much customer service?

It’s a valid question, and I have three great reasons Pyramide Productions might not be the company for you.

Does the Mystery of ‘How It’s Made” Thrill You? Spoiler alert! Pyramide Productions keeps you in the know…

Behind the oooo’s and ahhh’s of any video or film, particularly the marvelously badly made-for-sci-fi movies, there’s the thought of how did they do that? And sometimes, the thought of why did they do that, but I digress.

Pyramide includes our clients in the process. You see the scripts, the graphics, and are even on-set for shoots and voice-over sessions. No secrets. So if you prefer to be uninformed and surprised by the final video, then you should probably look somewhere else. (But not the streets of downtown LA, which are clearly unsafe due to sharks!)

Want your producer to be perky and bubbly all the time? Need a cheerleading squad amped up on red bull to lead you through the video process? Tough luck. At Pyramide Productions, we communicate like experts...

While our producers and editors do need the enticement of caffeine to pull themselves together after a late night of glaring screens and editing effects, they prefer to talk to their clients with friendly professionalism. And in vocal tones heard by humans, not just dogs.

Pyramide producers know the pressure you’re under to get projects done not only on time, but in a creatively spectacular fashion. We’re here to calmly keep your video on track while providing consistent monitoring and feedback when necessary. So, if you like that heart-pumping feeling of constant panic, Pyramide probably isn’t for you.

Do you enjoy sticking it to your boss by presenting unexpected expenses at the end of your project?  Too bad. Pyramide Productions is great at planning ahead...

No one wants to pay for a box office bomb, especially in the corporate world. It’s important to the life of your business to be fiscally responsible and provide accurate forecasting.

Flushing money down the drain is every boss' worst nightmare, but Pyramide makes sure your final invoice is never a surprise and that the video you pitched is what you're getting. But better!  Pyramide Productions has been creating budgets for video for over 12 years and this experience lets us get our customers the most bang for their buck.

Bonus Reason Why Pyramide Might Not be For You: The creativity and cost of your video is so good, your boss is going to want you to make more!

I’m sure your job description has room for one more ongoing task, right? Everyone is going to love your videos so much, they’re going to want to see more. Soon, you're going to start envisioning yourself as a director/producer.

So, if you end up choosing to work with Pyramide, don’t say I didn't warn you!

--Sabrina Peters

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