Onward and Upward

Dear Clients and Friends,

As COVID-19 changes the way everyone is working, I have been flooded with calls from clients who are having to cancel video shoots, events and meetings, and who are trying to figure out what to do. I wanted to share a summary of the questions and answers from these weeks for those who may be wondering the same.

Before I get into the Q&A, I want to express my most sincere compassion for everyone at this time. I am sending you all a ray of love and light as we navigate difficult choices and situations. I want to thank all of our customers for your continued support of our small business. We have been extremely lucky to have such wonderful relationships and trust with you all, that we are going to be ok through this.

Top Content and Production Questions:

1. "Is Pyramide open?"

All Pyramide employees are working from home, except for individual cases where people are working from Pyramide's studio one person at a time. We are open.

2. "What are your recommendations for ways to produce video content?"

I want to urge customers to rethink and re-imagine how you are making your video content. There are several high-quality ways to tell your brand stories that will and have shelf-life. These video formats also require no face to face interactions. Consider:

  • Animation. We are currently using VO artists with home studios to continue producing high-quality VO safely. Clients can dial into session recordings from home.

  • Stock footage-based videos with professional voice over. Stock footage has blown up over the past two years, and it's much easier to find “groupings” of stock footage to establish characters and environments that can repeat in a story. There are lots out there to pull from.

  • Re-use what you already have! You would be amazed at what we can come up with given some direction and any existing assets. New VO, re-purposed footage mixed with a little stock or animation could be an option.

3. "I need to cancel my video shoot, what are my options?"

  • Generally, when we are shooting in a studio, we are capturing interviews, demos, or some form of talking head. At this time, we are taking a Live Broadcast approach to all of this type of content. THAT DOESN’T MEAN IT HAS TO ACTUALLY BE LIVE!

  • We can run a live streaming studio set up from Pyramide with one or two crew members on site.

  • Then we can capture multiple streams of people talking from wherever they are in the world.

  • Our streaming studio software allows some control of enhancing audio and color-correcting the streams.

  • Our Producers will work across your team to ensure a high attention to the look and feel of the streams.

  • We can mail out “stream kits” if necessary, with higher quality web cams and external audio options that people can easily set up on their laptop or home computer. They are fully sanitized going out and coming in.

  • Steaming tech has come a long way in just the last two years, and with the right pre-production we can make a quality product that will represent your company well.

4. "I need to cancel my Conference, Event or meeting, what are my options?"

  • Producing large scale events online is not Pyramide’s wheelhouse. We make content that will be a part of that experience, but there are other companies better suited to help you evaluate a large scale online “experience”. We recommend:

  • Evia (Approved Microsoft Vendor)

  • On24 (Approved Microsoft Vendor)

We pride ourselves on being your partner. If you need to talk things through or brainstorm, we are available to you. Our office phone number is currently unmonitored, and Please email me to schedule a short call.


Jennifer O'Brien, Vice President

Pyramide Productions, Inc.

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