Our Cameras

Pyramide Productions utilizes the highly adaptive, professional series Sony FS7 for all your video needs. These cameras give us the ability to shoot in high resolution (4K) and provide excellent color and dynamic range, while working well in diverse light levels. And our staff love their versatility. "It can be on a tripod one moment and up on my shoulder the next," notes Karl Allsop, a DP at Pyramide.

So, why shoot in 4K? Even if the end product will be compressed (like for use in social media), you will experience a higher level of quality by shooting in 4K and compressing down to another resolution, than you would if you just shot in that resolution. Shooting in 4K with the professional level FS7 gives our Video Editors more color and bit depth information to work with, producing a much more vibrant and high-quality image in the end than a simple prosumer 4k camera, so that we can deliver the best video possible.

Certain projects warrant shooting in greater than 4K and for these, Pyramide will use the Red Weapon-S. The Red offers a cinematic look and feel and produces highly variable frame rates (up to 300fps). It also shoots full frame, is easier to color grade, and produces RAW footage (ISO, white balance, etc.) so you can manipulate the image settings in post to match any look.

--S.R. Davidson, Pyramide Staff Writer

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