Production Spotlight: Animating with the Microsoft Brand

While all of our animation videos are a collaborative effort, one of our incredible animators, Tanem Davidson, played an especially integral role in our most recent video for Microsoft's World Wide Public Sector (WWPC) Team.

The WWPC Team had been fielding a lot of feedback from Partners who'd attended the WPC event in the past. They were saying things like, "The conference is huge!  It's amazing!  But it's so much, I don't feel like I can possibly get around to everything by myself." So, they set out to create incentives for Partners who wanted to bring their entire team along.

Our challenge was to create something that was on-brand, but also uniquely its own.  We wanted to incorporate elements that evoked some of the best things about WPC: the face-to-face meetings and business deals that begin with handshakes. The "business outside of screens," so to speak. We wanted to conjure up images of a simpler time without making the content seem antiquated or dated.  A lot of research went in to settling on a style that accomplished both.

"For the WPC animation I found inspiration from contemporary artists like Pascal Campion, Chris Turnham, Matthieu Forichon, and Kevin Dart, as well as art and design from the 60's and 70's," said Tanem.

"Regarding the Microsoft Brand," Tanem said, "I used the Microsoft colors for the main characters to keep the attention on brand but used tertiary and desaturated colors to push back the secondary characters and background. Utilizing camera animation, I focused the viewer's attention toward the action of movement to keep the rapid pacing up for the 90 second animation."

Check the video out here:

We're proud to have such a smart and talented art guy on our team, and we know you'll be seeing a lot more amazing animation from Tanem in the upcoming months!

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