Production Spotlight: Banking on Animation

Pyramide Producer, Mindie Lind, recently paired up with Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) to create an animated video for their Community Banking Month Conference.

Our clients wanted to illustrate the benefits of and visioning around community banking. They also wanted to distinguish community banks from mega banks in a fun, engaging, and easy to watch video.  To help them achieve these goals, we focused on highlighting the closeness of community and made sure that the design elements related to community banking were bright, familiar, and friendly. They also wanted a woman of color in the hero role and loved the final character design, particularly her natural afro. Mindie shared that the level of detail in each animation exceeded their expectations for this project. We worked with our clients to better understand what background elements would appeal to their own clients—from the food and clothing displayed in shop windows, to designing a local coffee house instead of a posh wine bar for an environment.

A highlight for Mindie producing this video was our clients’ willingness to take creative chances throughout the process.  For many of the creative elements, Mindie gave them three or four options based on their brand and initial thoughts, and then threw in a more adventurous idea. They often ended up selecting the more daring or creative choice and were thrilled with the final cut. “When possible, let your freak flag fly,” notes Mindie, “even people in corporate video love a little bit of rock and roll.”

–S.R. Davidson, Pyramide Staff Writer

ICBA's finished video:

Mindie, out for a stroll:

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