Production Spotlight: Building a 3D World

Last fall, we were approached by an international tech company developing a delivery system for using blockchains in transactions. They wanted to create an animated marketing video centering around a shifting wave of code that transforms into a solid cityscape. The client was feeling a dystopian aesthetic and looking to keep color minimal, while also finding inspiration in the neon world of Tron. There weren't a lot of branding guidelines, so Art Director, Tanem Davidson, and Producer, Aaron Bollinger, took a dive deep into the creative.

Tanem shared, "I wanted to stay away from the green of The Matrix that is typically associated with being inside a computer. I created a limited color palette of yellow and its complimentary, blue. When we needed an accent, it was assigned a split complimentary of magenta or orange. The backgrounds were kept dark with a mostly black scheme to keep the main information up front.”

Aaron drove the animation towards vignettes that focused on four societal areas that could be shifted to a blockchain. There wasn’t a lot of time to focus on any single category in a one-minute spot! So, our challenge was to take a step back from the specifics and instead, hint at how code effects different sectors.

Aaron noted that “3D really shines in its granular ability to showcase a difficult concept with a lot of specificity.” It affords you more options around details like texture, shadows, and reflections, which allows for more realism. But, that level of detail comes with its own challenges. Tanem added, “3D animation requires a lot of pre-planning and is just one part of a larger workflow, so we developed a pipeline that met our client’s needs without spending an exorbitant amount of time rendering and re-rendering.”

Interested in a 3D video for your own company? Due to the heightened level of detail, a realistic timeline is necessary if you're interested in pursuing a similar project. It's also crucial to make (and stick to!) clear choices in pre-production to develop a design that translates well into the world of 3D.

Check out our completed video.

--Pyramide Staff Writer, S.R. Davidson

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