Production Spotlight: Flying Far with Expedia

We love working with Expedia. In the past, worked with them to create a number of animation videos focused on tool use and client education.  This year, they sent us on national and international adventures to produce videos that highlight their people, properties, and products.

For these shoots, we’ve focused on creating two kinds of videos. In both cases, we’re all about finding and telling compelling stories, but the approach is different depending on the client’s goals. The first kind of video is a case study or customer testimonial that features one or two subjects, focusing on their jobs and lives while relating back to Expedia and the highlighted property. The second type of video we still treat as a case study, but we typically interview several subjects and are showcasing a specific Expedia product.

Shooting remotely presents several challenges that our team is ready to solve. In San Francisco, “we had a camera that was shipped to a donut shop down the street from us…Luckily, FedEx came through and got the camera to our hotel before the shoot, but there was a moment there where we were thinking, what can we do with what we have?” recollects Pyramide DP, James Semivan. Our team is practiced at problem solving on the fly and are always ready with a contingency plan. When shooting in Vietnam and Singapore, it was also common to hire a local handler to help select appropriate shoot locations. And as Pyramide Producer, Virginia Lynn notes, “having a location scout day is invaluable” and can save you a tremendous amount of time on the shoot day.

People outside the industry often think we just show up and the video is magically made, without realizing how much thought and energy goes into pre-production. Are there local customs our team needs to be aware of? Will the grip truck fit in the property’s loading dock? Can we shoot at 10pm on a public street? We think about every set-up (every shot!) and especially when considering an international location, the planning that goes into a shoot can’t be understated.

Below you’ll find Expedia: Miami, which was produced entirely with in-house resources and staff.

And for a glimpse into our international work, check out Expedia: Bahamas below.

--S.R. Davidson, Pyramide Staff Writer

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