Production Spotlight: StudiosFest 2016

This year, Pyramide Productions is a finalist in two video categories at StudiosFest 2016. StudiosFest is a film festival and awards ceremony that recognizes FTEs and Vendors who created Microsoft videos in the previous year.

One of the videos, an animation done for Microsoft Partner Network’s Action Pack program, was created by our very own Kyle Bishop. Check it out!

Kyle’s been on the team for nearly a year and he’s already managed to take Pyramide’s level of animation quality to new heights.

"Working with Pyramide has been a blast”, Kyle says. “They've kept me busy, and when this project came along, I really wanted to push the company and the brand into some uncharted territories.”

Creating custom characters that spin off of Microsoft’s animation brand elements helped shape the foreground action in this video. Utilizing effects often reserved for live action, like 3D cameras with handheld motion, lens vignetting, and edge blurs helped give what might have been a typically flat mograph scene a sense of cinematic depth.

Modesty is a respectable trait to possess, and Kyle’s got a lot of it:

"I have much more to learn, but am very proud with what I accomplished in the time allotted for our client."

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