Sweet 15

On February 12, Pyramide Productions will turn 15 years old! To celebrate our Sweet 15, we’ll be hosting a happy hour! We hope you'll join us:

Thursday, February 8


Our offices in Redmond

Our company was founded by Pamela Chiriboga in the winter of 2003.  By that time, she had already worked the Cannes Film circuit and had produced for USA Networks in New York, before making her way to the Northwest. Upon arriving, she found herself working with Microsoft as a Producer. She loved the work there and decided to have a go at it through her own video enterprise, Pyramide Productions.

We were founded at a time when video was still a luxury—select companies saw its purpose and select companies could afford the spend. Now, virtually all businesses use video in one way or another: marketing, internal communications, staff training, even conferencing and event software is based in video.

Pyramide has done well through these changing times in part because, as a woman- and minority-owned company, we were the underdog. And underdogs are forced to adapt. The bread-and-butter case studies we produced early on are still a staple for us today, but we’ve diversified and now produce more animation, demo, event, and training video. In 2012, we also made a decision to level-up. We started chasing more creative projects and invested in the right people and gear to improve the quality of our work. Fifteen years after our start, Pyramide continues to return rising profits while meeting the needs of our clients and many top companies, including more among the Fortune 500.

--S.R. Davidson and C. Kennedy

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