The Quick and Easy Holiday Video You Need

The office holiday season is just as hectic as it is at home. In addition to year-end pressures to meet targets and develop plans for next year, there is a social aspect that grows in significance. These include anything from end-of-year client visits, visits from vendors or partners and the internal celebrations, dinners and parties.

What can you do to make your company’s holiday season a memorable one? If you’ve been charged with the budget to make a difference and end the year on a high note, let your creative partners put something into a video that you can share. It would be a great way to show something fresh, original and entertaining.

Here is a quick sample from our archives, from one of our local clients:

Posted internally with the hashtag #ToBeAPartner, they created this video for their global Baristas, who are the face of the Brand. The video supported their commitment to connect with customers by having baristas share endearing customer moments on the job. The video supported their training goals, and served as a social campaign among employees working in stores.

Holiday Cheer Comes in Many Forms

There are plenty of ways to use video to bring holiday cheer to your workplace. Here is one approach we like:

  • Pick an audience – Gratitude is always a great theme for the end of the year, and there are so many people to thank:

  • Customers – This is a pretty obvious choice. More so for the truly customer-focused companies. One nice aspect of making it about customers is that you can use it publicly, turn it into an ad, or as a feature on your website to share the sentiment with those who might also become your customers.

  • Partners – If you rely on partner companies to bring in a large portion of your revenues every year, a special message to thank them is a big step up from a greeting card and lets them know you are making the extra effort to recognize their role in making your business successful. Even better, make something THEY can use as well. This is always a good strategy and it is easy to create content that your video team can edit for each Partner Brand.

  • Employees – Let’s not forget the possibilities of internal video. Internal Employee-focused videos are generally intended to be seen internally only, so you can have a bit more fun. Rather than the boss standing up to raise a toast at the party with a few PowerPoint slides, why not have him/her show a video demonstrating gratitude – and do it by featuring them?

  • Find a Video Style That Works for You - We can help you with this! How we do so will depend on how you want to share the video(s). Is it something you will make public and share it on your website? Or will you present the video(s) only to an audience at a holiday gathering? Or maybe you want to personalize it for every recipient? If it's done right, sending out a personalized holiday card to customers, clients or partners is a nice touch.

  • Keep it Simple – With the holidays fast approaching, keep your plans simple by initially limiting yourself to the selection of the audience and your objective, then call in your video team. Based on the timing, budget and the available resources, locations, or team members who will be on camera, we can help you plan your video so you will have what you need in time and with the results you want.

Here are some more samples – including two more of our Starbucks series and a couple of my favorites from the perennial leader in Holiday videos - Coca Cola:

We Make it Even Easier

Holiday videos are easily one of our favorite projects. Especially since most brands spend the year maintaining a consistent persona. For B2B companies, it can often mean a fairly serious tone and manner. Holiday videos are a moment when brands can let their hair down a bit, and show everyone the fun and interesting side of the team. Need help? We have what you need to put this together, and we can also help you with some ideas to get started.

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