What Difference Does Video Budget Make?

We’ve all seen all kinds of video quality out there…and if we think about videos that have resonated or impressed us, there are all kinds of levels of perceived quality that come from the way it is shot, the script, the editing, etc. But what do you really get for your money? This week we share an experiment that was done by Wistia that illustrates what you get at different budget levels.

Everyone Wants to Know

It’s probably the most common question we get from every new client. “What can you do for XX dollars?” It’s not surprising, especially since we too often have companies reaching out to us with a fixed budget already in place, but not a plan for what they want in a video. The short answer is that “almost any video agency can do almost anything with almost any budget.” But that’s not the whole story of course. While more money does not always guarantee a better result, in the right hands a good agency will create something that gives you a great value relative to what you invest.

So, what do you get for your money? Wistia funded an experiment that does a fantastic job illustrating the differences in what your budget can translate into – I hope you can see those differences on a number of different levels.

Look at the three videos below, along with their budgets, and then notice what is different each time around:

One Brief, Three Videos, Three Budgets

Video #1 for $1,000

Video #2 for $10,000

Video #3 for $100,000

Whatever Your Budget, Demand Quality

While the old adage “you get what you pay for” is certainly true, you should always feel that you are getting a quality product at whatever budget level you have. The key to succeeding here, however, is in setting expectations. If an agency tells you your budget is too small, you’d be better off adjusting your expectations and trimming your requirements to meet the budget rather than try to force an agency to keep all of your wish list for what they have already indicated would be an inadequate budget.

Starting your conversation with “This is how much we have, what can we do with that?” is a better starting point because you then get the benefit of the agency’s creative and strategic expertise to help you design something that will both meet your goals and maintain the quality level you want.

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