Yes, and...

Pyramide's Managing Director, Jennifer O'Brien, is a die-hard theatre kid who encourages staff to approach business like the improv exercise Yes, and... In this game, participants accept what another participant has said (yes) and then expand upon that line of thinking (and). It's a great mindset to have going into team brainstorms or client meetings because it helps foster effective collaboration. It teaches you to check knee-jerk responses and helps you avoid taking off in another direction.

Jen also has 3 guidelines she lives by and shares with Pyramide Producers:

1.  The universe is always working for your greater good.

Although we can't always know why something happens, we should assume that everything will work out and lead us to the greater good. It could be better timing, future project improvement, your own learning, or company learning.

2.  There are no problems. There are only opportunities.

When things go smoothly, great. When they don't, we should solve problems creatively, adopt a client first attitude, and address issues in ways that show the clients how much we care. Sometimes late requests or big changes can seem daunting. But, they are just chances to go above and beyond in client care.

3.  All that really matters is customer service.

At the end of the day, revenue and creative don't really matter. Of course, we care about how our videos look! Producing quality content is our WORLD! But, a Producer won't always love the direction a video took and that's okay. If the client loves it and felt included throughout the process (and we did everything we could to help them), then we've done a great job.

--S.R. Davidson, Pyramide Staff Writer

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