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External Marketing

Our clients are Fortune 500 brands with detailed guidelines that need to be met in every communication. We are experts in the brand guidelines for our clients, and in some cases we even write them! The best creative in the world won't get stakeholder sign off if it's not on brand. Whether your working with Partners or Customers, external communications need to represent your mission and message. 
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when we need to use our inside voices

Internal Communications

Enterprises have a big job keeping their global staff all on the same page. When it comes to Executive communications, onboarding, culture change or staff training there is no resource more effective than video.

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Customer Testimonial

It's great to hear from your organization all the ways you solve customer pain points, but the trust value goes way up when they hear it from another customer. Creating 3 minute long form stories and breaking them down into 60, 30 & 15 second versions can help you reach and sway customers to take action. Pyramide flies all around the world telling these stories each year. 
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One Size Fits All

Accessibility and 508 Compliance

More then 80% of Facebook users are watching videos with the sound off and utilizing closed an open captions to understand your content. Audio Descriptions are more common then ever for those only listening to your video. Your scripts and visuals need to show diversity and inclusion in authentic ways. Enterprises need to make their content accessible to all, and we can help.
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educating a team

Training Videos

Training videos are a great resource internally. They allow your trainers to educate 24/7 and allow for review anytime a refresh is needed. Training videos has proven to be an effective and efficient method to teach staff at every location. Is it costing you money, or is it making you money?

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